This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Microwave Radio Relay System

Product number: PKI 9625

Microwave radio transmission offers itself as a perfect solution for a voice-data connection across locations. Short, medium and long distances can be connected quickly and cost-effectively with a very high availability. After years of research, we are now able to offer our improved PKI 9625 model exclusively to prestigious organisations such as government agencies, the military, the police, etc. Like all radio relay systems, over the world, the PKI 9625 Microwave Radio Relay System require a direct line of sight between the terminal stations. Under certain conditions, a passive redirection using a mirror or coupled back-to-back antennas is possible. The operation range of our PKI systems depends on the selected effective bandwith, the transmission frequency and the antenna diameter. Our PKI 9625 Microwave Radio Relay System operate in all adjusted frequency ranges from 7/13/18/23/26 to 38GHz. This way, transmission problems up to about 50km radio field length can be solved reliably.

Advantages of the PKI 9625 Microwave Radio Relay System are bandwidths up to 1000Mbit/s in full duplex voice and data transmission from buildings located far away from each other, bridging of streets, rivers, etc.

The typical interfaces for the user are one or more E1 or S2m channels with 2.048 Mbit/s, 100 Base TX or 1Gbit/s.

  • High safety from interception
  • High availability > 99.99%
  • Transparent transmission (direct Lan-Lan coupling)
  • Low cable laying effort
  • Simple monitoring via SNMP
  • A radio relay connection requires radio field planning before installation. Site inspection and assessment of possible locations with the user.
  • Check of the line of sight
  • Determination of availability in relation to the wather conditions
  • Clarification of the type of assembly
  • Statics and design of the supports or poles
  • Laying of cables, lightning protection, power supply, etc.
  • On demand, PKI offers complete systems incl. the required assembly or civil works.
Frequency rangesDirectional radio 2.400MHz - 38GHz,
Gigabit directional radio 60 - 80GHz
ModulationQAM 4 to 128
BandwidthFrom 3.5 to 56MHz
CapacityFrom 2 to 655 Mbps
Interfaces1 - 16 E1, E3
1 -4 ETH 1800
1 - 4 STM-1 and ETH 1000
Operating rangeUp to 50km
MiscellaneousFurther specifications will be included in case of a specific enquiry.