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Opening Set for Car Doors

Product number: PKi 9520

  • PKI-9520-Opening-Set-for-Car-Doors

    PKI 9520 Opening Set for Car Doors

Already for many years government departments like police, special tasks forces, military and intelligence squads rely on this sophisticated set with its comprehensive scope of equipments. PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE recommends this set to each of these departments for European cars of latest generation with or without “Safe- Guard-Locking”. The PKI 9520 Opening Set for Car Doors is a full set of car opening tools, accessories and illustrative documentation on videos and booklet. All parts are packed in an artificial leather bag for carrying and storage.

Videos and books2 video tapes with car opening methods
1 booklet with car opening methods
Accessories2 pressure cushions
1 vehicle sleeve
1 suction-lever for vehicle doors
1 wedge, 9.5 mm
1 wedge, 19 mm
1 torch lamp
Universal Openers1 universal hook, horizontal
1 universal hook, vertical
1 opening set “hooks and slings”
1 opening set “Euro Strip”