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Portable Forgery Detector

Product number: PKI 9415

  • PKI-9415-Portable-Forgery-Detector

    PKI 9415 Portable Forgery Detector

The PKI 9415 Portable Forgery Detector is a versatile, compact and portable forgery detection system for the examination of all types of suspect documents. It is particularly useful for officials and immigration officers at sea- and airports, mobile border controls and the scene of crime officers. A large unobstructed working area allows quick and easy examination using the four integral light sources:

  • A diffuse white light for visual examination in low light conditions
  • Two black light lamps providing a strong ultraviolet source for examination of bleaching, alterations and fluorescent security marks
  • A transmissive source for inspection of watermarks and internal threads
  • An intense fibre optic illuminator for examination of intended writing and for transmission through photographs.

The PKI 9415 Portable Forgery Detector can be operated by three different power sources: an internal battery, a wide range of AC power supplies and an external DC power source – like car batteries.
PKI 9415 is housed in a rugged ABS hardcover case with “O-Ring” sealing for the protection against water, dust and other contaminants.

  • Rugged construction
  • Flexible fibre optic
  • Lightweight
  • Four light sources
  • Mains/battery operation
A - Light Sources
Aa Ultraviolet , 2 long wave lamps each 4 Watts,
150 mm, 365nm, housed in a stainless steel reflector for maximum illumination
Ab Visible Overhead, single cool white lamp, 4 Watts ,150 mm mounted between UV lamps
Ac Transmissive, 2 cool white lamps, each 4 Watts, 150 mm mounted behind a white plastic window
Ad Fibre Optic Source, high intensity quartz halogen lamp with internal prefocussed optics giving maximum efficiency with the fibre optic, 9 Watts
Ae Fibre Optic, flexible glass fibre light pipe, 5 mm active area, 1000 mm length, click-fit connection to light source. Stored in tool storage wallet when not in use.
B - Mechanical
Ba Housing, rugged ABS plastic case with soft feel handle. completely waterproof when closed bb Size: 355 x 250 x 160mm
Bc Weight: 5.2kg with 1.2 Ah accu, 7.25kg with accu 7.0 Ah
Bd Internal wallet for tool storage - size 175 x 115 x 35mm
C - Electrical
Ca Internal Battery, option of 2 battery sizes, Standard 1.2 Ah or extended life with 7.0 Ah 1.2 Ah gives 1 hour constant use, 7 Ah gives 6 hours constant use.
Cb Mains Power, 90 to 260 VAC. The battery is charged automatically
Cc External DC power supply, 10 to 14 VDC via a 3.5 mm jack. Optionally leads for connection to vehicle power systems are available on request.
D - Switches
Da Internal or external DC-source selector. Switching to external position isolates the internal battery
Db Lamp change. Push button switch for sequential switching of lamps. Sequence: off - overhead white - ultraviolet - transmissive -fibre optic - off