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Pipeline Protection System with Fibre Optic Sensor

Product number: PKI 7440

  • PKI-7440-Pipeline-Protection-System-with-Fibre-Optic-Sensor

    PKI 7440 Pipeline Protection System with Fibre Optic Sensor

The protection of land based and sub-aqua pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping and terrorist actions etc. is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension. However, until now this has been notoriously difficult to achieve effectively. When a pipeline is damaged significant revenues will be lost, damage is caused to the local environment and the leakage is a potential hazard to the local population. PKI has the tailor-made solution with its model PKI 7440 Pipeline Protection System with Fibre Optic Sensor. Often the damage may not become apparent to the pipeline operators for days or even weeks and then it may take days to accurately pinpoint the location of the damage. Not only any system must be able to provide a high probability of detection with a very low probability of false alarm activations but with pipelines extending over hundreds, if not thousands, of miles, the ability to pinpoint the location of any incident is also a vital requirement if loss is to be avoided or minimized.

PKI offers a range of solutions u.a. the Pipeline Protection System with Fibre Optic Sensor (that can be used to provide a high degree of protection to pipelines and terminals and which can be networked and interfaced with other systems to provide a common control and command system covering the whole infrastructure).
The PKI 7440 Pipeline Protection System with Fibre Optic Sensor is designed to protect gas, oil and liquid pipelines and other utility pipeline distribution networks. At the heart of the system is the intelligence built into the sensing controller. A laser beam is transmitted along the fibre optic cable buried next to the pipeline and the returned signal is automatically monitored and analysed for disturbances. This returned signal is also intelligently processed to minimize false alarms, while still detecting and reacting to the smallest hostile event.

The entire pipeline is monitored in real time to detect threats from illegal tapping, physical damage from excavators, or stream scour.
Know exactly where the threat occurs and where to dispatch your security staff or maintenance teams to before environmental damage occurs.
Monitoring staff can have faith in the system – PKI delivers > 95% detection with extremely low nuisance alarm rates by intelligently analysing event information. Only fibre optic cable that is extremely durable and reliable is in the field. There is no field maintenance; the fibre optic cable is intrinsically safe and is not affected by RFI, EMI, lightning or storms.

Probability of detection (POD)Independently tested to better than 95% due to intelligent signal processing and analysis of disturbances.
Nuisance alarm rate (NAR)Less than 3% due to multi-parameter intelligent signal analysis, discarding non-intrusion and environmental events
Fibre optic sensorCan use existing dark single mode fibres if suitable, or FFT’s customs direct burial single mode fibre optic sensor cable. Expected life > 25 years
Location accuracyWithin 150 metres anywhere along the pipeline (or better)
Sensing configurationDistributed sensor with up to 40 km of pipeline protected per controller. Multiple system can be networked to protect longer pipelines
Electrical dataInput voltage 110-240 VAC, 50 – 60HZ, auto ranging, max. 300 watts
NoteAll field-installed components are intrinsically safe and require no power, communications, or electronics on the pipeline
System interfaceTCP/IP via FFT’s central alarm monitoring system software
Operating temperature rangeFFT sensor cables: -40°C to +70°C
Alarm monitoringReal-time distributed monitoring.
Provides an intuitive map-based operator GUI and interfaces to CCTV systems, MODBUS, email systems, external SMS systems, lighting, alarms etc. via TCO/IP.
CalibrationNo seasonal calibration or adjustments required
Zone length & numberInfinitely variable, “virtual zones” are created in the CAMS software to suit specific site requirements