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Ground and Coastal Radar

Product number: PKI 7570

  • PKI-7570-Ground-and-Coastal-Radar

    PKI 7570 Ground and Coastal Radar

PKI 7570 persistent ground and coastal surveillance radar is a new advanced high resolution radar with unique and outstanding capabilities. Featuring simultaneous multi beam technology, the radar provides persistent surveillance and instantaneous target tracking over a wide area. The PKI 7570 Ground and Coastal Radar is perfectly suitable for border/ harbour surveillance and protection as well as critical infrastructure protection.
Optional in all weather conditions, the radar immediately detects, monitors and tracks all ground moving targets and all sea targets (moving and stationary) in the region of interest, such as a walking person, a moving vehicle and various vessels and boats at sea.
The radar features one stationary (non-rotating) planar array antenna, covering a sector of 90°. Full 360° coverage is achieved either by adding more antennas or by placing the radar on a positioner.
PKI 7570 Ground and Coastal Radar detection range is 15km for a rubber boat or a moving person and 30 km for a small sailboat or a moving vehicle. One of this radar’s most unique capability is its simultaneous detection and tracking targets, both on ground and on sea surface.

Features of the

• Unparallel performance for small and slow moving targets
• Easily deployed and operated
• Multi-target automatic tracking
• Automatic and continuous detection and tracking with high accuracy
• Very low false alarm rate
• Dual mode simultaneous operation both on ground and on the sea surface
• Locally or remotely controlled and operated
• High probability of target interception, in all weather conditions, even if the target is not persistent
• Solid state radar with very high MTBF
• Multi-beam solid state FMCW radar
• Instantaneous and continuous multi-beam coverage of the entire region of interest
• Interoperability with electro-optic sensor
• Very low life cycle cost
• Non-moving parts
• Each target is continuously monitored and its track is updated multiple times per second
• Several radars can be networked, providing an integrated picture on a C4/SR console display
• 360° coverage can be achieved by employing 4 planar stationary antennas of 90° each

Radar typeHigh resolution FMCW radar
Detection rangeUp to 15 km for rubber boat /moving person up to 30 km for sailboat / moving vehicle up to 96 km for medium size ships
Azimuth coverageInstantaneous 90°
Range accuracyLess than 10 m
Azimuth accuracy0,25°
Interface connectionEthernet TCP/IP
Power consumption500W
Radiated power50W
Radar weight45 kg
Max. number of tracks500
Track update rateFew times per second