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Fuel Cell Generator

Product number: PKI 7950

  • PKI-7950-Fuel-Cell-Generator

    PKI 7950 Fuel Cell Generator

There are areas where no mains supply is available when electrical energy is needed for longer operations. This refers to potential operation at various measuring stations in rough terrain or to covert surveillance for longer period. The fuel cell generator PKI 7950 is available in different power versions and can supply power for up to 4 months without producing exhaust gas or noise as other generators do.

Power requirement 8 to 100W 
5 to 20W 
15 to 100W
Energy requirement200 to 2400 Wh/day 
120 to 480 Wh/day
360 to 2400 Wh/day
Autonomy requirementUp to 16 weeks
At least 4 month (esp. during winter)
Up to 12 weeks