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Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector

Product number: PKI 8990

The PKI 8990 Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector is the enhanced version of the former foldable detector. It is designed to detect dangerous weapons such as knives and pistols, even if these are concealed inside shoes or any other part of clothing. The unit is completely manufactured out of weather-resistant aluminium with highly reliable, battery-operated electronic circuitry. This provides a professional operation of 15-20 hours per battery load in each kind of in- or outdoor use independent of mains power. From this the field of application is rather unlimited.The PKI 8990 Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector can easily be installed in front of any entry like prisons, boarder check-points, customs checks at sea- and airports, sport-arenas, fair-grounds and other places of events where persons have to be examined for dangerous goods.

Width810 mm
Height2200 mm
Depth550 mm
Package110 x 68 x 70 cm
Weight35 kg
Working powerAC 110-240 V, additional recharging battery for 12-15 hours on request
Three sensor zonesWith brilliant LED detection indicators
Head-to-Toe zoneSpecific detection highly sensitive
Operating temperature-20°C to +65°C
Assembly without toolsSingle person in less than 5 minutes