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Various Pyrotechnical Products

Product number: PKI 8580

For more than 50 years, we PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GmbH have been working with prominent government authorities all over the world. Due to many important enquiries we have decided to complete our already extensive range of products by including pyrotechnics (Various Pyrotechnical Products). To back this up, we are proud of our very special relationship with the world’s leading pyrotechnic manufacturers. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer promptly. We are sure that our new programme will satisfy your requirements. The complete range of available pyrotechnics cannot be shown on just this one page, but we would like to give you a short summary. Our range of pyrotechnic products inludes:

  •  Signal flares of various colours (red, green, yellow and white), different calibres and with or without parachute.
  • Coloured smokes and screening cartridges
  • Alarm and training devices like  thunderflashes, alarm flares and gun fire simulation units
  • Personal protective devices like dazzle and shock grenades, CN/CS or pepper spray canisters
  • Distress items like hand flare or hand smoke devices in different colours and with various burning times.

Whatever you are requiring in the field of pyrotechnics, please let us have your enquiry and we shall send you full technical information on each and every item. Please ask for our special catalogue.