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Underwater Metal Detector

Product number: PKI 8565

  • PKI-8565-Underwater-Metal-Detector

    PKI 8565 Underwater Metal Detector

How often did you wish to have a professional underwater metal detector with you while on a dive. What a pleasure to unexpectedly find something valuable! We can supply the technical equipment for this. Easy to handle, high sensitivity (locates metallic objects having the size of a 1 Euro coin at a depth of up to 20cm) and resistance to depths of up to 40m make the PKI 8565 Underwater Metal Detector your reliable companion. The PKI 8565 Underwater Metal Detector can detect and distinguish various metal types which are indicated by different LED lights or acoustically via piezo earphones. It can be used in seawater and fresh water.

Max. depthUp to 40 m
Sensitivity1 Euro coin at a depth of up to 20 cm
AlarmOptical and acoustic
Emission of different signals on detection of different metals
Power supply9 V battery
Operating time20 - 40 hours
Search coilØ 28 cm
Search frequency2.4 kHz
Resonance frequency400 Hz
Functional principlePulse induction circuit
DimensionsApprox. 680 mm x 90 mm diameter
WeightApprox. 3.8 kg