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X-Ray Cargo Scanning System

Product number: PKI 7215

  • PKI-7215-X-Ray-Cargo-Scanning-System

    PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System

The increasing growth of terrorist activities, contraband and illegal transportation drives the demand for high performance security systems as the PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System.

Special attention needs to be paid to the area of international cargo transport. That is usually the preferred sector for the contraband of weapons, radioactive and explosive materials, narcotics and other forbidden substances, easy to hide inside large volume of goods. The daily increasing volume of transported cargo makes it impossible to physically inspect all suspicious transports.

The PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System is the most technologically advanced Gamma scanner available in the world with impressive image analysis capabilities that ensure the highest productivity for cargo inspection applications without compromising the safety and security of the operators.

Our PKI 7215 technology provides a safe, reliable and optimized solution in terms of throughput of more than 200 scanned long vehicles per hour. The PKI 7215 remote operation principle is an unique feature with positive impact on operation costs, making it the only mobile scanner that guarantees zero professional radiation exposure for its operators and total protection against incidents caused by dangerous cargo or terrorist attempts targeting security checkpoint.

Key features of the PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System:

Maximum safety
PKI 7215 fully eliminates the risk of professional or accidental exposure to ionizing radiation by controlling all scanning processes from a mobile control centre (MCC) that can be supplied either as a rugged pelican-case or as a towable air-conditioned caravan. The MCC is placed safely outside the excursion area during scanning and is carried by the MSU in transport mode.

The operation is fully automated, interactive and extremely simple, based on the principal of touching intuitive icons and displaying permanently the status of the system, as well as the sequence in progress. The imaging subsystem hardware has a special shape and structure constructed in welded aluminium. The boom is automatically deployed in just a few minutes by simply touching an intuitive icon on the operator interface.

Most of the essential difference between all competitor systems and the PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System is that it doesn’t need a driver to control the truck’s movement (drive direction, sense, steering, brakes, vehicle’s parameters etc.) These functions are managed by a „driverless“ subsystem that controls all the commands and parameters of the truck. In scan mode the operator initiates the scan procedure just by touching the corresponding virtual button on the touch screen display inside the MCU and the process is executed in a fully automated sequence, providing to the operator real time data by graphic animation and voice. The Cobalt source is deployed and stored with fully automated sequences. It is designed to provide a safe, reliable and constant source of gamma-rays (1.27MeV) turned ON/OFF by a pneumatic fail safe actuator.

Compared with linear accelerator technology, the Gamma-ray technology offers fast, reliable, and safe operation providing at the same time the advantage of at least 4 times lower total cost of operation for a life time of 10 years messages.

Intuitive Operation
The 3D interface of the application is very intuitive, indicating at each step the correct course of action and not leaving room for mistakes. It will only allow inputs that are expected by the system at that moment.

The system runs self-test sequences on start-up, providing real-time status information of all subsystems. The operators command the conversion of the mobile scanning unit from “scan mode” to “transport mode” by simply touching the appropriate icon. The command and control software application is displayed on two monitors and manages the mobile unit’s movement, video surveillance, perimeter protection, barriers’ remote operation and the automation of the scanning process. All commands and status of the sub-systems are registered in a “black-box” file. The service menu and the content of the black-box can be remotely administrated and interrogated by supervisors.

Mobility / Versatility
All the components of the unit are assembled on a light truck chassis, resulting in an extremely versatile and mobile robotized scanning system. The lightweight vehicle can access any type of road and can easily reach checkpoints with poor road infrastructure.

It is EURO-5 compliant and powers the whole scanning system without the need of an additional electric generator. The end user can choose between several world-wide truck manufacturers, according to local support and service facilities.

Mobile Scanning Unit (MSU)
A lightweight, highly versatile scanner, fully operated from a safe distance. All the computers and imaging electronics are powered from the vehicle’s engine resulting in great fuel efficiency and low operating costs.
While in transport mode it can be driven on any type of road due to its low weight of approximately 6 tons. Several vehicle manufacturer options are available depending on local conditions.

Remote Operation Subsystem
Unique feature on the market, remote operation is the exceptional feature of the PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System. It ensures total radiation safety for the operators and unprecedented protection from terrorist explosion of scanned vehicles.
The MCC is permanently connected to the MSU through advanced and redundant state-of-the-art encrypted wireless communication technologies through which all commands and data are safely transferred.
When integrated into advanced integrated border management systems PKI 7215 can also be operated through a secured internet connection from anywhere in the world or supervised in real-time for prevention of corrupt practices.
Using the latest innovations in transmission imaging and in-house developed electronics, PKI 7215 is the first mobile scanner to combine the reliability of isotope-based systems with the functionality of material separation.
Ultra-fast sampling electronics and highly sensitive detector arrays ensure the best possible imaging performance even in drive-through scanning. All the hardware and electronics are mounted in stainless steel modular housings for durability and fast service intervention.

Mobile Control Centre
PKI 7215 is operated away from the scanned vehicle without human presence in the exclusion area and at a safe distance from a possible terrorist detonation.
The operator is provided with a touch-based interface that controls the scanner’s movement and ensures fast image analysis through multiple enhancement tools. All commands are given through the operating interface and performed by the scanner through automated processes that replace the traditional driver.
Depending on customer requirements, the MCC is available as a rugged pelican-case, a towable caravan, a dedicated vehicle or an office container for permanent sites.

The system runs self-test sequences on start-up, providing real-time status information of all subsystems. The operators command the conversion of the MCU from “scan mode” to “transport mode” by simply touching the appropriate icon.
The 3D interface of the application is very intuitive, indicating at each step the correct course of action and leaving no room for mistakes. It will only allow inputs that are expected by the system at that moment. The operator can apply different filters and process algorithms in order to improve the penetration or image quality just by touching intuitive icons on the graphic user interface.
The image is processed in a proprietary format and can be exported to bmp or jpeg format.

Customised Control Centres
Depending on the type of application and scanning site location, our customers may choose from three types of command centres. The standard pelican-case provides core unctionality and efficient operation in military environments with minimal effort from the crew. A towable MCC is the perfect solution for semi-permanent scanning locations providing on autonomous & comfortable climate-controlled environment for the operation.
For cases requiring more flexibility, a separate van can be supplied for operation of the PKI 7215 X-Ray Cargo Scanning System and for additional purposes such as a full mobile checkpoint with increased screening capabilities such as radiation detection, baggage and parcel screening, explosives & narcotics trace detection, document analysis and mobile surveillance.

Dual-energy & high resolution imaging
As a first for cargo & vehicle scanning systems, PKI 7215 combines the advantages of material separation with the reliability of natural isotope imaging systems and takes image resolution to an impressive 1,5mm.
The material separation feature provides extra information for the operators than can easily evaluate the radiography and establish a more accurate threat level by knowing whether the suspect area is organic, light organic or inorganic. With most explosives being organic, this feature is extremely useful in identifying bulk explosives and IEDs.

Command Centre Integration
Effective supervision of scanning activities and prevention of corrupt practices has always been a serious concern for border control authorities. PKI 7215 scanners can be remotely supervised in real time from a central management location with or without knowledge of the operators and can even be operated from the supervisor console.
Additional integration options include automatic traffic management systems, under-vehicle inspection, radiation detection and nuclear, chemical and biological detection capabilities.

Imaging performance
Principle of operationTransmission imaging
Penetration180 mm in steel
Image resolutionStandard 4 mm steel object visible / 1,5 mm object visible with the high-resolution & dual-energy option
Level of radiation for the operationNatural level, no professional exposure
Dose of radiation to the inspected vehicleLess than 0.01 mSv/scan
Dose of radiation to public outside the exclusion areaMax. 1 mSv/year
Radiation monitoringIndividual monitoring for each operator
No human presence inside the exclusion area
Chassis2-axle, 7.5 t GVM, computer-managed speed, steering and braking during the scanning process, left or right hand drive, various manufacturer models depending on specific local conditions
Dimensions8.1 m x 2.3 m x 2.6 m (transport mode)
EnvironmentalEuro-5 compliant
Fuel consumptionLess than 4 l/h in scanning mode
Operating features
Remote operation via secured wireless technology or via internet connection
Scanning frame dimensions4.3 m width x 4.7 m height; different dimensions available on request
Time to deployMax. 5 minutes from arrival on site by automated process control
Crew requirements1 operator/ shift
Vehicles inspection modeContinuous, sequential, or drive through in portal mode
Throughput30 to 500 vehicles/containers/ hour according to the length of each scanned object and scanning mode
Scanning speedContinuously variable inside the range 0.15 - 1.0m/sec. Or 10 to 15 km/hour in drive through mode;
warning lights and audible alarm indicating „radiation on“ status
Safety featuresExterior lighting for night time operation; digital video surveillance subsystem, allowing the operator to monitor the scanning area
OperationBetween -15°C and +45°C; optional extreme conditions kit available on request
Relative humidity10-95% (non-condensing)