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X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System

Product number: PKI 7210

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    PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System

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    PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System

The PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System is the unique solution for aircraft security inspection. It is possible to scan aircrafts ranging from small private jets to medium-sized commercial airplanes. It is giving the operator the capability to detect threats, illegal or undeclared goods.
The scanning process is remotely operated inside airport premises with minimal impact on routine operations, without any human exposure to ionising radiations.
The PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System is the unique tool that closes this gap in aviation security and allows scanning in minutes of the entire aircraft without crew or passengers on board.

The main features of PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System are:

• Complete scan of the aircraft fuselage in a single pass through the screening frame and depending on the aircraft size, complete wings scan with additional passes
• Fully autonomous, no local resources required for operation
• Optimized for entire aircraft screening: the vertical scanning frame will deliver a clear radiography of the fuselage and wings, generating a high resolution image with unparalleled details offering to the end users an essential tool for security applications
• Highly mobile, can be driven on public roads, from one site to another, without any additional infrastructure requirement, being ready to scan in 15 minutes from arrival on site
• Anti-collision system preventing any damage due to human operating error
• High quality X-ray images based on state-of-the-art image processing algorithms. One image analysis operator, safely situated outside the controlled area
• Robotic operation, controlled by one process operator from outside the controlled area, avoiding ionising radiation exposure
• Outdoor, weather-proof operating capability in airport environment
• Radiation safe for operators and bystanders
• Built-in auto archiving facility and statistic reports capability; operators can create customized databases including images of scanned aircraft
• Fully automated screening process
• Megapixel resolution intelligent video surveillance process
• Certified components for aviation us
• Automatic protection of the controlled area (APCA) system
• Data integration in command & control centres via wireless LAN or broadband INTERNET connection (optional)

The operational concept of PKI 7210 system:

a. Main components

1.Mobile scanning unit – integrating the X-ray generator and the command centre placed inside the driver’s cabin (portable remote operation console as option)
2.Portable detector modules with crossing ramps and mobile electronics cabinet
3. Aircraft tug mobile unit with process operator’s console
4. Safety and security system, – portable Automatic Protection of the Controlled Area (APCA) system, video surveillance system, additional command centres integrated in pelican cases or existing building infrastructure

b. Configurations and operating sequences

1. In transport configuration, during transport, the mobile scanning unit will also safely carry all the other components of PKI 7210 in dedicated compartments. The crew drives the unit on public roads, with appropriate driving licence.
2. In scanning configuration the components are unloaded from the mobile unit and deployed in designated positions according to the deployment sequence
3. Deployment sequence:
• Driving the mobile scanning unit to the designated scanning location
• Unloading all the operational components
• Positioning of the x-ray generator boom
• Positioning of the portable detector modules, ramps and cabinet
• Positioning of the automatic protection of the controlled area subsystem
4. Scanning sequence:
• Clearing the aircraft from any human presence
• Attaching the tug mobile unit to the aircraft
• Towing the aircraft through the screening frame, by using straight automatic movement
• Removing the tug mobile unit from the aircraft
• Free moving the tug mobile unit to reception area and going back for the next aircraft

Scanning Mode and Safety Features of PKI 7210 X-Ray Aircraft Scanning System:

• Recommended controlled area during scanning operation of 30 m x 30 m
• Radiation dose outside the controlled area less than the legal limit according to International Regulations, namely IAEA 115/1996
• Compliant with Safety of Radiation Generators and Sealed Radioactive Sources, Safety Guide No. RS-G-1.10 from 2006 issued by IAEA and with EUROTOM Radiation Protection Directive 96/29
• Controlled area perimeter supervised by a portable APCA system; X-ray generator automatically stopped in case of an intrusion

Operation and performances
Triangle Scanning Frame6.6 m base; 10m height, other dimensions on request
Scan modeAircraft tugged through the scanning frame, straight automatic movement
Scanning speedVariable 0.1 to 0.3m/sec
Deployment/stowing timeLess than 15 min.
Operating personnelOne process operator and one image analysis supervisor
Remote operationYes, by internet connection or portable operation console
Anti-collision protectionYes
Special featuresData integration in command and control centre (optional)
Continuous operation24/7/365
Imaging system
Penetration in Aluminium (Al)230 mm
Wire resolution0,5 mm Cu (in air)
Contrast sensitivity4%
Material discrimination capabilityFour classes: organic, light minerals, medium density minerals, heavy minerals
TIP (Threat Image Projection)Optional
Operation temperature range-15°C to +45°C standard
Storage temperature range -25°C to +60°C standard
Relative humidityMax. 98% non-condensing
Safety Systems
Megapixel video surveillance subsystemYes (standard)
Personal radiation monitorYes (standard)
Optic and acoustic warning signals during scanningYes (standard)
Automatic protection of the controlled area Yes (standard)