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Explosive Liquids Detection

Product number: PKI 7195

  • PKI-7195-Explosive-Liquids-Detection

    PKI 7195 Explosive Liquids Detection

Dangers lurk everywhere, whether in the Justice and Court System, Border & Port, Government, Conference Centre, Airport, etc. Sometimes it is indispensable to check bottles or containers for their contents. Our PKI 7195 Explosive Liquids Detection is the perfect solution. With this hand-held Explosive Liquids Detection device a check is possible within 10 sec. without direct touching.

Technical theoryQuasi-static computed tomography
Maximum container thickness8 mm non-metal container
Effective distanceWithin 3 mm
Effective detecting dangerous liquidMore than 50 kinds of dangerous liquids such as petrol, diesel oil,
coal oil, no water ethanol, acetone, benzene, etc.
Dangerous liquid displayRed „X“ Safe liquid display: green „O“
Unknown liquid displayYellow "?", "&", "unknown liquid"
Installation Data
Working voltage3 V
Power attenuation0.75 VA
Operating current250 mA
Operating temperature/humidity0°C to +35°C / 0% - 95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity-40°C to +60°C / 0% - 95% (non-condensing)
Exterior dimension210 x 50 x 70 mm
Weight190 g (with battery)

Technology Features of the Explosive Liquids Detection:

• Quasi-static computed tomography to define the object inflammable and explosive through measuring liquid dielectric constant and conductivity
• Recognize the hazardous liquids from the safety liquid without directly touching
• Liquid container’s size and the air between the container and detector won’t affect the inspection results
• To avoid long time worthless battery energy costs, this apparatus is also equipped with automatic shutdown function
• Keep pressing the button for 10 seconds, the detector will shutdown automatically with „shutdown“ display on the LCD
• The detector excludes ion, microwave radiation and other potential radioactive elements, it is safe and harmless to the operator
• Comply with 89/336/EEC and 2002/95EC (RoHS) standards, without lead, harmless to people’s health after use
• For security inspection, protection against terrorist attacks, fire hazard, etc.