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GSM Remote Monitoring System

Product number: PKI 5540

  • PKI-5540-GSM-Remote-Monitoring-System

    PKI 5540 GSM Remote Monitoring System

The PKI 5540 GSM Remote Monitoring System enables to trigger the remote control of 8 different and independent channels via mobile phone or to activate connected devices such as water pump, heating or lighting. And this all over the world in the global mobile phone network. In the following, we listed some advance features of the GSM Remote Monitoring System:

• Configurable for alarm and recovery of SMS
• Automatically reports its own status on schedule
• Supports remote setting via SMS commands
• Presetting of 10 phone numbers
• Remote add/edit/delete phone groups
• Automatically update internal clock via SMS
• Time stamped in alarm or recover messages
• Supports ring call upon alarm
• Audio in and audio out can connect speak and mic
• Temperature sensor
• Internal battery and providing power cut off alarm
• Easy used GUI configure software
• Adopted highly integrated industrial CPU
• Reliable performance with built-in double watchdog
• Can execute preset tasks by re-defined conditions
• Low maintenance

Frequency rangeQuad frequency 900/1800/850/1900MHz
SIM cardSupporting 3V & 1.8V SIM card
Antenna50 ohm SMA antenna interface
Communication interfaceRS-232 C
Digital input8 digital inputs
Analog input4 analog inputs (4 - 20mA or 0 - 5V)
Output8 drivable relay outputs
Output drive voltageEqual to input DC voltage
Output drive powerDrive voltage ≤ 35V drive current ≤ 500mA
Audio interface3.5mm audio in and audio out
DC power supply12 - 24V DC standard adapter DC 12V /1.5A
Power consumption12V input, max. 150mA/average 50mA
Working temperature-30°C to +70°C
Working humidityRelative humidity 95%
Exterior dimension130 x 80 x 25mm