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Video Traffic Control System

Product number: PKI 5450

  • PKI-5440-Video-Traffic-Control-System

    PKI 5440 Video Traffic Control System

This Video Traffic Control System has been developed according to the requirements of our clients in order to monitor the number plates of vehicles on highways. The PKI 5450 Video Traffic Control System records all vehicles passing by, stores the data and is able to transmit them within a range of 1km. A control point in a police car parked nearby may compare the data with the existing data base. An evaluation is possible within seconds and a suspected car can be stopped immediately. The PKI 5450 Video Traffic Control System consists of a mechanical camera mast with a high-speed camera and a transmitter. The receiver is connected to a high resolution monitor. It is equipped with a special software. The complete system can easily be stored in a police vehicle.

Camera1/1,8“ progressive color CCD camera
LensMotorized zoom lens, focal length 8 - 80mm (IR corrected lens)
Light deviceIR-LED
Control boardPower, light, fans, heaters, automatic control and fault-auto-recovery function
Vehicle sensorLoop coil (for image detector)
CPUMore than Intel Core 2 Duo
MemoryMore than 2GB DDR2
StorageMore than SATA 500G HDD
Video inputGiga Ethernet
HousingWaterproof, dustroof, special paint