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Laser Range Finder

Product number: PKI 5115

  • PKI-5115-Laser-Range-Finder

    PKI 5115 Laser Range Finder

In combination with our telephoto cameras, additional precise operating ranges with reference to the object are desired and often necessary. This is wherethe  PKI 5115 Laser Range Finder is used and this up to an operating range of 4000m (larger operating ranges on request). This small-size PKI 5115 Laser Range Finder designed for quick distance measurement can be widely used for intelligence service. The laser impulse can be reflected from any large object including trees, clouds and any moving land or sky object. The special integrated electronics provide a precise result after 10 seconds. The PKI 5115 Laser Range Finder can be used at a temperature range from -40°C to +50°C, a relative humidity up to 98% and an atmospheric pressure of 60 kilopascal minimum.

Distance range50 - 4.000m
Laser wave length1.06mkm
Diopter setting of eyepiece+/- 3
Eye relief20mm
Field of view6.5°
Distance measurement inaccuracy2.5m
Power supply4 AA battery
Power supply voltage5x 1V
Number of range measurements without changing power supply40 - 200
Exit pupil4mm
Dimension170 x 130 x 60mm