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Laser Zoom Illuminator

Product number: PKI 5145

  • PKI-5145-Laser-Zoom-Illuminator

    PKI 5145 Laser Zoom Illuminator

Using this Laser Zoom Illuminator, optional in 5, 10 or 15W version a total night vision observation up to 4km is possible. Whenever video observations have to be made in completely dark rooms, under bridges, in tunnels or other conditions without light, this PKI 5145 Laser Zoom Illuminator is the only one which can cover even large areas and distances. In combination with high-tech cameras you can use this system for night-time surveillance up to a distance of 4km. The PKI 5145 Laser Zoom Illuminator is provided with a temperature-stabilised laser diode with a frequency range of 808nm. By means of the built-in lens system and the external control system you can adjust the zoom according to the desired illumination and distance.

Specially designed for middle range surveillance cameras, the zoom laser illuminator adopts near infrared laser which not only ensures its safety but also its invisibility. With the employment of TTL communication the illuminator can be easily connected with any visible camera. While it is capable of zooming synchronously with the visible camera, it can also be controlled separately. A precise laser adjustment device is installed for subsequent laser beam adjustment.

Minimum focus approx. 30 cm
Spectral response8µm to 14µm
Thermal sensitivity80 mk (0.15°C) at 25°C
Detector384 x 288 pixels
Power5W, 10W, 15W
Wave length808 nm
Lens30 mm F1.0 fast, GHT-II super homogenizing laser
Laser angle2° - 45°
7ms thermal response time
Operational temperature-15°C to +45°C; -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions45 x 45 x 70 mm
Weight0.15 kg
Power12 VDC / 3.5 W
Housing IP66
Transmission1.2 or 2.4 GHz
Range500 m
Range300 m by 5W/ 2 km by 10W / 4 km by 15W
Laser alignment0.01° SLM
CommunicationTTL serial port
Band rate9.600 bps
Power supplyDC 12V
Operational temperature-30°C to +55°C
DimensionØ90 mm x 340 mm
Weight2,8 kg