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Optical UV Scope

Product number: PKI 5160

  • PKI-5160-Optical-UV-Scope

    PKI 5160 Optical UV Scope

This Optical UV Scope is designed for scanning the blemishes of electrical equipment, high-voltage wires, insulators by way of visualization of the corona discharges‘ image together with the image of the controlled object. The PKI 5160 Optical UV Scope is a compact, optical, single-channel device with quartz objective and band-pass filter. The PKI 5160 Optical UV Scope can operate at night and twilight time. Sometimes it is important to control high-voltage wires against terror attacks.

Spectral range300 - 450nm
Dimensional resolution57l/mm
Focus distance50mm / 78mm / 108mm
Input voltage3V
Input current1.5W
Dimensions187 x 62 x 75mm
Temperature range-20°C to +45°C
Continuous operation time12h