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Thermal Imaging Monocular/ Binocular

Product number: PKI 5165

  • PKI-5165-Thermal-Imaging-Monocular-Binocular

    PKI 5165 Thermal Imaging Monocular / Binocular

These rugged PKI 5165 Thermal Imaging Monocular/ Binocular devices are used for the observation and terrain orientation under poor weather conditions like smog, mist. For longer observation periods, two individual devices can be assembled to a binocular system in order not to overstrain the eyes. The max. visual range to recognize a person is approx. 500m. by the PKI 5165 Thermal Imaging Monocular/ Binocular.

Image format384 x 288 pixels
Field of view22.6 x 17 deg.
Thermal sensitivity0.20°
Detection range human figure500m
Spectral response8-14μm
Objective focal length24mm
Minimum focusing distance0.25m
Display800 x 600 pixels
Eye relief18mm
Dioptre adjustment+/- 5d
Exit pupil8mm
Power supply2x CR 123A
Operating time4 hours
Overall dimensions57 x 75 x 120mm
SpecialUSB port